keskiviikko 10. lokakuuta 2012

12 tags of 2012 Tim Holtz, BOO !

Boo ! This is my version of Tim's October Tag. I just had to add a small ghost on the tag. Check original instructions from Tim Holtz page.

I stamped myself the tissue paper. Coloured according to Tim's instructions. I drew the spider net with black pen and Gelly Roll pen, which made glossy effect.

I coloured the tinsel, paper clip and Glitter powder with black alcohol ink. Coloured Glitter powder gave wonderful effect for the Boo text and for the spider.

I made the Boo text and spider with above material (don't have any stance). The text of the ticket i wrote with a black pen and coloured with inks. This tag was very fun to do !

4 kommenttia:

  1. One of the best "Boo's" that I've seen. Great job.

  2. Tuli Noita-kirja heti mieleen! Selasin sitä salaa kakarana heheheh

  3. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

  4. Ps. sun tekemä korti on hienompi kuin Holtzin, koska taustan hämähäkin seitti sitoo kortin elementit hienosti yhteen!